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Difference between pheromones

And basically, what I discovered about pheromones, what I came down to, was that there were some hidden obstacles that I had thrown up between me and the 9 that were not as large as between me and the 7 pheromone compounds. 
And I began to dig even further and discovered that when I became aware of each one of them, there was a movie or a template, a mental template of some sort that I went through with each one of them with real pheromones. 
Because physically there was nothing between me and them other than space. A fairly empty space. There was a counter, but that counter doesn’t prevent us from communicating to each other. So essentially, the only thing in terms ofa physical obstacle between us is the distance, which I could very easily close simply by putting one foot in front of the other approximately 15 times the amount of pheromone concentration. So in terms of real obstacles there were none, other than space
Okay, so what’s the difference then between pheromones? Well, the difference comes in the area of the way we actually execute things here physically, in the material universe. What do we do? Well, we either see something that causes a reaction and requires some kind of action on our part or we create some desired action, if you go back to the alpha male pheromone cologne. 
We throw up an ideal scene and we create something that we want to bring into the physical universe, mentally first. And then what we do is, we just begin supplying the next relevant action to make that happen with real pheromones.  Learn more at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/biology-of-pheromones and http://mikesopnion.bravesites.com/entries/general/whole-pheromones.
So, what’s going on here? Well, how it has been set up is in the past… how it is… there is a trigger from each one. There is some kind of an evaluation. I’ve already said that the 9 is a 9 and the 7 is a 7. 
So there’s an evaluation that is already taking place with real pheromones. I’ve already been affected by these women. And since I’ve already been affected, I’ve already been triggered, it throws the mental templates into play automatically and we have this course that… this emotional course… and physical course that happens. Check out pheromones at https://www.rebelmouse.com/bestpheromones/theoretical-pheromone-control-1319016156.html.
It just kind of runs on its own pheromone brand. It’s kind of automatic. With the endpoint being a decision point: How much do [feel like opening? Do [want to open ?And am [going to open? That’s sort of the end point of that. And then there is a banter and I’m talking about me internally. And it’s probably true for many, many other guys out there: Do I want to open? Okay, so whether or not you answer Yes to that has to do with the decisions that you’ve made previously. You may have decided ‘You know, I don’t really feel like it today will become the best pheromones.
I’m gonna go to the mall, I’m gonna walk, I’m gonna do whatever.’ It’s kind of the state I was in. I was more along the lines of the state of ‘I’m gonna get myselfout of thisfunk. I’m gonna get around people.